What Am I Doing?

I have had a lot of “What Am I Doing?” moments lately. You’ve probably had them before, those moments in your life when you question….everything. I had one as I got gas from a gas station in rural Kentucky alone at 6AM, I had one when I was 8 hours into a solo drive to Charleston, South Carolina for a weekend trip and I had one as I lugged all of my possessions into my parent’s house at the age of 25. The biggest “What Am I Doing?” moment I had recently was when I decided to go live abroad with a bunch of people I have never met for a year.

In less than two weeks, I’m leaving for Valencia, Spain to join the fourth trip of Remote Year. Remote Year is an opportunity/program/company for remote workers to take a year and travel the world while working. Here is the list of cities where we will be going:

Valencia, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Rabat, Morocco
Sofia, Bulgaria
Belgrade, Serbia
Hanoi, Vietnam
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lima, Peru
Córdoba, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santiago, Chile

I am extremely grateful for my company, Formstack, for letting me do this and extremely excited to get to lessen the “Oh Shit” factor of this trip by going with my sister.

The best thing about “What Am I Doing?” moments for me is that they are usually my favorite moments. After I got gas in rural Kentucky I got to drive through the Great Smokey Mountains and stop at a scenic overlook of the mountains and just have that moment. After driving to Charleston I got to spend a great relaxing weekend with friends I hadn’t seen in two years in a city I hadn’t thought to visit. Andddd I just moved into my parent’s house so the moment is waiting, but I’m here because they are kind enough to hang on to the items I won’t take with me so I can save money when I ship out abroad.

I am definitely having a “What Am I Doing?” moment with this blog as well but today my sister showed me pictures that my grandfather took and labeled while he was oversees during the war. If he can document his life at that time, I sure can.


Feel free to join me as I stumble through this blog and the world to find some great moments.

(Top picture taken at a rest stop in Tennessee…somewhere)

(Second picture is of my grandfather)